Mission, Vision, Values

Holistic, Sustainable, Locally Grown

Our Mission

De-stigmatize medical marijuana treatment & care by developing a conscious medical cultivation facility that produces the highest quality clean cannabis while having the smallest negative impact on our environment.

Our Vision

To become Ohio medical marijuana industry’s true north.

Our Values


From our business model to environmentally-friendly cultivation techniques, we are a positive force that is built to endure.


Focused on community engagement, patient health, and physician education to ensure that this alternative is understood by and available to all who need it.


Locally owned, operated, and managed, we partner with State and local communities. When we win, Ohio wins.

Rising Tide:

Committed to investing in education, outreach, and research that supports the success of the entire ecosystem.

Our Partners

Clean Green Certification

Clean Green Certification is the only nation wide third party guarantor for cannabis cultivated using all organic practices. Currently, the USDA does not recognize marijuana as an agricultural crop, and for that reason it cannot be recognized as organic, no matter how eco-friendly the cultivation practices are.

Clean Green Certification provides a way for consumers to know when they are purchasing a certified product that it was intensely tested and found to be free of synthetic pesticides, fungicides and molds. This program requires cultivators to submit to on-site inspections, third party lab testing, and was built on universally recognized organic and sustainability standards.

Clean Green companies are also required to have a carbon footprint reduction plan, methods for water conservation, and fair labor practices. The program is currently certifying marijuana cultivation facilities, processors, dispensaries, and retail stores in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, and we are hoping to become their first certified company in the state of Ohio.

AEP Energy

We will also participate in a voluntary program for small business customers to have the opportunity to support sustainable energy through matching a percentage of usage with renewable energy certificates. Renewable energy is energy from resources that can be replenished naturally including wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower, which are 100% pollution free and have lower greenhouse gas emissions.

This is important to us because it results in a lower impact on our environment that traditional energy sources such as coal. It also minimizes the levels of air pollutants and wastewater, while reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. By pairing up with AEP Energy, a portion of our energy usage is matched with Green-e Energy Certified Wind Renewable Energy Certificates, which is guaranteed to meet the highest environmental protection standards.

Based in Northeast Ohio, Green Leaf Gardens is an all-natural medical marijuana cultivation startup focused on ensuring the health of our plants, the health of our planet, and the health of our patients who use our products.

Ohio Proud